Quality & Care

We stand by the quality of our product. If at any time you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us via email hello@enda.us.

We are happy to provide an assessment of repair upon request. The original sales receipt must be provided for any type of repair.

We do not offer repair services for products purchased through unauthorized retailers. When possible, please send photos of the damaged item for quicker resolution.


Coming soon... "Take Back Program"

ENDA continue to improve our sustainability standard. We would like to take a step towards mastering Circular Economy, closing a loop of product cycle and minimizing the waste that ends up in landfill. 

We will be offering customers to return the products they no longer wish in exchange for store credit. While local collection facility are doing great job already, the often face challenges when sorting out clothing due to complexity of materials. We as a brand know our products inside out. We believe it's most practical for producer to take the responsibility to end the product life by recycle & upcycle.