Enda is committed to offer 100% vegan and ethical clothing and accessories.

Why do we say vegan AND ethical? Because these are two independent effort. Just how vegan food is not necessarily always healthy it’s one approach to create products that are vegan (free from animal and its by-product) and another to produce them in ethical process. Yes it is extremely challenging but we believe it is our responsibility as a brand and we stand for it.

As a part of our belief we promise that there was no harm done during the process of making our products. Do you ever wonder if you are participating cruel activities that you don’t wish to indirectly by your purchase? We can assure you are not as long as you shop with us.

Every purchase you make from Enda, you are contributing to following things.

  1. Keeping animals away from violence and exploitation.
  2. Recycling natural resources and creating less landfill.
  3. Healthy and safe labor condition.