Vegan Muse #1: Marquette Fullow, 23

Model/Creative Director

Meet model Marquette and find out her journey of becoming a vegan. She is also a founder of Untitled Prodigies, an LA-based organization that encourages holistic lifestyles through music, poetry, and art. 



Hi Marquette. Tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from and what was your childhood like?

I was born in New Jersey & grew up in Las Vegas from 1996-2014. I had a really fun & creative childhood. My parents were both extremely creative themselves and they always encouraged me to explore what inspired me. They always told me to make my career something that I love & that’s stuck with me. I’ve had the honor to help my mom throw events/ design spaces while I was young & it really helped me realize what I love. Since I have ADHD I am so grateful that I was able to grow up in a creative environment that encouraged my wild mind instead of having it tamed. I never took medicine for it & my parents taught me about meditation & health at a young age. I’ve played basketball, volleyball & track my whole life. I trained for the junior olympics for high jump in high school & competed in 2013.


Marquette, age 5


How long have you been vegan?

I have been vegan for two years and now plant-based for about six months.


Why did you decide to go vegan?

I became vegan for my mental health. I realized the way I eat dictates my mood. Eating dead food left me feeling drained with no energy. I also realized that when I ate poorly, my negative thoughts and anxiety were stronger. I didn’t like how it was taking control of my thoughts and energy. So I began eating cleaner, and I had more control of negative thoughts that tried to creep in. As soon as I felt all the high energy flowing through my body from the high frequency foods from nature, I was hooked. It definitely proved to me that you are what you eat.


Do you have a favorite vegan dish and restaurant?

My favorite dish to make is veggie stir fry & my favorite restaurant is Crossroads.


Tell us a little bit about you and what you do outside of modeling!

I moved out to LA to embark on my creative journey to build music festivals. I realized how much the entertainment business has an effect on our generation from working behind the scenes in the industry so much. Seeing people who want to better the world get denied of their craft just because it “doesn’t fit the trend” or they don’t have enough followers. So, at age 19, I decided to start a movement called Untitled Prodigies (UP), where creative geniuses rise to become discovered. UP is a big artist showcase with the top underground creators in LA. I throw an UP event every two months at the first cannabis coffee shop in LA, attracting about 370 souls.


Marquette, at back stage of UP event


Tell us more about Untitled Prodigies (UP).

We showcase creators of all kinds from conscious rap, dance, poetry, live art, photography and small businesses. What’s unique about every UP artist is that they each aspire to give a valuable message to better the mindset of this generation through their craft. I believe the industry is taking creators' uniqueness away by changing them to be what they want instead of being able to be themselves. The artists I represent strongly believe that music and art is what brings positive change to the world. Music has a huge influence on people’s mindsets, and I believe what you feed yourself is what you become -- from music, food and entertainment. I want to give a space for creators to be free and connect with other like-minded souls to co-create beautiful projects together. A night at UP is definitely a euphoric experience with henna tattoos, tarot card readings, crystals for sale, live art, plant-based food, etc. So many creative souls around inspiring each other. Through modeling, I hope to be a positive role model and spread my message.



What would you like to see in the world 10 years from now?

In 10 years I would prefer a culture that didn't celebrate, exacerbate, stimulate, the most negative aspects of our species. It seems like we inculcate then reward them financially till we get to a kind of cultural theory where we are destroying the planet or the minds of the young. I hope there will be better roll models & those in charge of entertainment will notice how much of an effect they have on people. I wish we can have the choice to not be apart of these damaging habits. 


Who is YOUR muse and why?

Even tho this may not be a popular answer, I’d have to say myself. During this self love journey I’ve really discovered who I am with out the voices of others. I don’t agree with most of the people others would call their “muse”. I think I am into different things and I haven’t met many people with the same vision. I love who I have become & what I stand for.


Marquette Fullow
Instagram: @marquettefw @untitledprodigies      



Thank you, Marquette!